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We've saved hundreds of propellers with small or large pieces missing and have been able to make them like new again.  We have the experience to weld propellers properly and you can be sure that our quality standards and care are the highest anywhwere.  The only time we use heat on the blade is during the welding process which ensures the longevity and integrity of your propeller.

Welding JF

Our ability to weld and fuse metals together is a craft that we take great pride in so that you will have the same results as if it were our own vessel. Replacing the propeller is very expensive but it may be able to be repaired with our professional welding services. 


An Example of Our Work

Take a look at this example of a really challenging weld repair this would have been very expensive to replace the propeller.

Notice the amount of material missing on the blades:

set3 before 1

Here is a before and after of a propeller welding repair to 5 of the 8 blades:

set3 before 3

Below is the final propeller after proper balancing and straightening:

set3 final