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Coastal Prop Technology Inc. specializes in straight inboard propellers. All propellers no matter how big or small go through the same process of repair. This allows us to bring your propellers back to “Like New” condition. All repairs are done using Prop Scan Computerized Measuring System. We also offer Hale MRI Computerized Measuring System. We adhere to ISO standards 484/2 accuracy and only offer Class I and Class S tolerances. This insures a tighter tolerance and helps with engine synchronization, your propellers work together as a pair or your single propeller has the best efficiency possible.


We clean, scan and produce reports on your propellers as our first step. Our specialties are repairing damage, eliminating vibrations and solving rpm issues. We will also check your propellers when you are hauled out just for your peace of mind. By producing reports and excellent record keeping if disaster strikes we know what you are running!! All repairs are done free hand with hammers or hydraulics (we do not heat propellers). After repair your propellers are balanced and polished. We also offer Dynamic Balancing which should be done after damage repair or pitch changes. When your propellers are repaired we produce a second set of reports showing the finished propeller. Reports are printed and kept in a paper file and a computer file so we can track the life of your propellers. These reports are available to you in either format. We daily work difficult repairs and one of our assets to the marine industry is our precision repairs and strict standards of bringing the propellers back to Class I or Class S Tolerance. Damage you may think can’t be repaired may be able to. We will always be honest and up front with you about the possibilities.


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We Repair and Refinish almost any Inboard Prop on the market.  Our quality is undeniable and our customers come back to us from around the globe to ensure they get the best job on their propellers.  Here are some other manufactures that trust in our repair technology.  Coastal Prop Technology can also quote and sell new Propellers for a spare or main set.
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