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Repaired and New Propellers

When it comes time to deciding on new or repaired propellers, we can help guide you to the right decision.  In most cases, the current propellers can often be repaired for much less than buying a new set.  However, there is no substitute for having a spare set of propellers on board at all times.

At Coastal Prop, we offer a complete line of new Propellers from Michigan Wheel, Acme, Austral and more.   We will work to find you the best fit at an affordable price.   Below are just a few of the Propeller brands that we either Repair, Sell or both.

repairs new props



Coastal Prop Technology Inc. specializes in straight inboard propellers. All propellers no matter how big or small go through the same process of repair. This allows us to bring your propellers back to “Like New” condition. All repairs are done using Prop Scan Computerized Measuring System. We also offer Hale MRI Computerized Measuring System. We adhere to ISO standards 484/2 accuracy and only offer Class I and Class S tolerances. This insures a tighter tolerance and helps with engine synchronization, your propellers work together as a pair or your single propeller has the best efficiency possible.


We clean, scan and produce reports on your propellers as our first step. Our specialties are repairing damage, eliminating vibrations and solving rpm issues. We will also check your propellers when you are hauled out just for your peace of mind. By producing reports and excellent record keeping if disaster strikes we know what you are running!! All repairs are done free hand with hammers or hydraulics (we do not heat propellers). After repair your propellers are balanced and polished. We also offer Dynamic Balancing which should be done after damage repair or pitch changes. When your propellers are repaired we produce a second set of reports showing the finished propeller. Reports are printed and kept in a paper file and a computer file so we can track the life of your propellers. These reports are available to you in either format. We daily work difficult repairs and one of our assets to the marine industry is our precision repairs and strict standards of bringing the propellers back to Class I or Class S Tolerance. Damage you may think can’t be repaired may be able to. We will always be honest and up front with you about the possibilities.


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We Repair and Refinish almost any Inboard Prop on the market.  Our quality is undeniable and our customers come back to us from around the globe to ensure they get the best job on their propellers.  Here are some other manufactures that trust in our repair technology.  Coastal Prop Technology can also quote and sell new Propellers for a spare or main set.
repairs new props

Pitch Change

Propeller pitch is the theoretical forward movement of a propeller for one revolution, assuming that there is no prop slip. For example, a 20 pitch propeller will theoretically move 20 inches for every revolution. Propeller slip occurs with every propeller, but the amount of slip varies depending on propeller design. More aggressively and efficiently designed propellers will slip less.

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Matched Sets

Matched sets are mainly for discussing a twin inboard engine, however it can apply to your spare as well.

Our goal is to ensure that the performance is the similar, even if the manufacture is different, afterall, the saltwater isn't checking to see if the propeller is from a name brand.  What should matter is the way that the propellers are tuned and straighten so that they meet minimal ISO Class I or Class S tolerances and each have appropriate pitch and balancing.




We've been asked many time, "can I just buy a prop that looks similar and put it on", well the answer may not surprise, yes if you want to create an unstable condition for the boat and potentially burn more fuel and impact performance, our answer is to go back to the original specs of the boat and what it called for so that you can have a better boating experience. Or try our sizing form and see what other options are available.




Dynamic Balancing

The Dynamics Research Balancing Machine uses a computer and an analog to digital conversion system to gather data and perform the mathematical equations necessary to determine the amount of unbalance in one or two pre-selected planes using the influence coefficient method of balancing. This method provides precise correction indications with minimal cross effect.  This precision improves the fuel efficiency and further reduces vibrations coming from the propeller.

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We've saved hundreds of propellers with small or large pieces missing and have been able to make them like new again.  We have the experience to weld propellers properly and you can be sure that our quality standards and care are the highest anywhwere.  The only time we use heat on the blade is during the welding process which ensures the longevity and integrity of your propeller.

Welding JF

Our ability to weld and fuse metals together is a craft that we take great pride in so that you will have the same results as if it were our own vessel. Replacing the propeller is very expensive but it may be able to be repaired with our professional welding services. 

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Emergency Jobs

Our turnaround time is normally 2 to 5 days depending on the scope of work.  Sometimes the unexpected happens and repair or even replacement is a must.  We try and work with your schedule to make your trip happen on time!

Some times emergency repairs are needed to help you get back in the water.  Our process includes: repair, welding (if necessary), straightening, re-pitching, balancing and polishing

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Printed Reports

Coastal Prop Technology provides each customer with before and finished reports, before means when we first get the propellers and finished is when we have done what your propellers needed whether it was repair or pitch change. We provide you with a packet with the reports including a reinstallation sheet and an ISO standards sheet with the tolerances for the propeller per class. Coastal Prop keeps very good records, we keep a paper file on your vessel and if the vessel is sold it can be transferred to the new owner. All of our props are stamped with a serial number so we can track the prop. Reports are available in paper or pdf file. You can have your paperwork emailed to you or get the packet or both. If you choose to have your propellers dynamically balanced you also get a printed report for that service, showing the amount of grams of weight your propeller was out and the final readout.