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Coastal Prop Technology is a leading supplier and applicator of PROPSPEED™


PropSpeed is the most cost effective way to keep your boat running at peak performance.  Boat owners and captains report 10% fuel savings and increases of up to 3 knots in speed over the life of a PropSpeed application. Most marine-growth has a difficult time adhering to the coating and simply slides off the running gear every time a vessel runs. Additionally, PropSpeed is environmentally friendly. It contains no toxic chemicals or harmful pollutants. It works because it’s slick, not because it’s toxic like most bottom paint.

Tiny barnacles and marine organisms that attach themselves to a boat’s propeller and running gear can wreak havoc on a boat’s performance, fuel efficiency and maintenance requirements turning the joy of boat ownership into a nightmare. These barnacles, algae and marine worms can grow right on the paint, and some actually eat through the paint and attached themselves to the underlying bronze exposing it to the additional corrosive effects of saltwater.

The Propspeed system

Propspeed is a foul release coating system designed and proven to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the water line. The Propspeed system is made up of a two component etching primer, which bonds to the metal substrate and a clear coat, which provides an ultra-smooth outer layer. Combined they provide an integrated foul release system that stays firmly adhered to the props and running gear, dramatically reducing the ability for fouling to occur. This makes the Propspeed System one of the most effective and longest lasting propeller and running gear coating systems available on the market today.


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PROPSPEED™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oceanmax International Limited.