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Coastal Prop Technology Inc. sells new shafts and couplings as well as reconditioning. We use Aquamet shafting and have bars in stock to make your custom shaft to match your original shaft. We can cut to length, taper shafts and cut threads for coupling and propeller end. Metric Shafts? No problem!

We have a large stock of all shaft couplings to match your transmission. All couplings are fit and faced to the shaft after reconditioning or new shaft replacement to insure a smooth ride.

Our tolerance for straightness is .001 to .002 thousandths.

We are proud to have our machinist with 40 years experience. It’s amazing the specialty items he makes to suit your special needs.


We sell and machine new shafts for your vessel.  All shaft work is done to the highest specification and we offer a wide range of sizes.  When it comes time inspect the boat shafts, we can help determine if you should consider replacing.  Take a look at the burns on this stainless steel shaft which resulted in considerable pitting.

shaft burn