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Coastal Prop Technology was started after responding to an Ad for a completely new Computerized Scanning System for Propeller Repair.  Completely unheard of at the time and the first to use in the South Eastern states.   However, for over 20 Years in Cape Coral, Randy and Janice Anderson have made this their artisian craft and mission, providing extreme attention to detail and unmatched quality, repairing props and shafts from 18’ to over 100’ yachts.

in 1996 Coastal Prop bought the first PropScan in the Southern US and the 2nd in the United States.  Determined to build business, they set out to open a shop in Cape Coral, FL.  They later bought a total of 7 different scanning stations and serviced the South Florida Marine Industry.

However, before being able to get business started, they quickly discovered they had to build hardware to make all of this work.





Because little was available in the industry, especially for Computerized Propeller Repairs, it was necessary to innovate by building equipment, some of which, is now part of the PropScan Package.

  • Lock Table
  • Cooled Computer Cabinet
  • Blade Flattener
  • Measuring Table


We are able to diagnose propeller induced problems and offer solutions.  Our technicians have over 60 years combined experience in the marine industry and use that experience to effectively produce results that work for your vessel.